Insurgent, Movie Review-ish

I just finished watching the movie “Insurgent” (Yes, I have watched Divergent) I enjoyed both of them greatly but find them lacking in some areas. I’ll just hit up some of the spots of Insurgent for this one. So now of course…..

Alright, first I have not read the books. I do indeed intend to now of course. Hopefully this will clear up some of the “issues” spots I have.

I did enjoy how they started right off from where the last movie left off. Some of the plus so many years from the last time just never sit well with me. But I also felt that parts of the time line just went way to fast at the same time. It might just be me and I do know that they mostly likely had a lot of ground to cover in a limited amount of time.

But what was with the whole nightmare thing? Was that trying her way of trying to deal with the guilt and grief she was feeling? Just seem a little outta place or maybe just sorta rushed into it.

Then the truth serum thing with Ford, he said Trix awaken him from the trance. I thought he was a divergent as well and that’s why he wasn’t in the trance. I mean did her really holding his hand bring him out of it? That kinda bugged me; I guess I’ll have to re-watch that part of the last movie again.

The whole family tree of his too, that was like really…. abusive father and a mother that abandons him. The mother that also happens to be the leader of the faction less… Again maybe it’s all cleared out better in the books. (Most of the time it is.) And is Jeanine his mom’s past rival, bff, sister or what? I mean you know something is there again they never say what though.

Peter I actually though might have been a mole, not just being the prick he was only trying to save his own skin. I am sorta glad he made it and helped out in the end but still.

Caleb switching sides on the other hand was a hard blow. I mean I get it being “Vulcan” and all, to him it seemed like the best plan. Still sucked…

Sorry I feel like I’m just sitting here bashing the movie. There were lots of good parts too!! I just always tend not to say the good parts because I can never do them justice with words. Again I did enjoy this movie and I would recommend it to others to watch.

Thanks for reading my review/rant!


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