From the mouth of babes…

I am a mother of three, two boys of four and three, one little girl of two. And being the geek/dork/nerdy girl that I am, I of course do allow them to play video games. (Limited amount of time, they do see the daylight of outdoors)

Starting them out with one of the best, Mario! They love to play Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U currently. While watching them play today I was rather puzzled as to why they started a level and immediately both of the boys started jumping their characters off the cliff.

Me – “Why are you guys jumping off the cliff?”

Older Boy – “There’s no leaf.”

Younger Boy – “Yeah, we need to get the leaf.”

This leaf that they are waiting for not only changes your character into a Tanooki suit.

But it also changes them into a White Tanooki suit, which makes them invincible! (Aside from falling off a cliff.)

This item will appear at the beginning of a level that you have had “game over” on multiples times. I am happy that Nintedno did build that into the game, understanding that a younger generation would be playing it. (More reasons why Nintendo is awesome!) I will also give my boys credit; they know what levels they have a hard time doing and only do it then but still….


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