Shesinur Reviews: Ant Man

I’ll admit it: I had my reservations. Ant Man? Really?

But then back story saved the day; who doesn’t love an offshoot of the Avengers storyline? Any flick about tech they had to keep out of Stark’s labs is totally a side story I can get in to. Looks like I’ve got a lot of comics to catch up on.

My favorite part of this movie was that I actually didn’t have a lot to say in terms of my normal annoyed feminist rant when I come out of a Marvel movie. I couldn’t believe it.

But, because we talk ladies in nerdom, I’ll just leave this here:

marveledit animated GIF

cue the eyeroll

I loved that Marvel used the exact percentage of their female fanbase mix in focus testing. Hope isn’t perfect, but she’s not an ice queen or a damsel. Her character has more than one dimension for being a secondary role, and she voices what all the women in the audience probably wanted to shout: GIVE HER THE SUIT! For a nice review of the character, check out this great article.

Watching something filmed in my native home of the Bay Area was a total blast! It’s crazy expensive, but I wish more things were filmed in Northern California. It was hilarious to see a corner market in San Francisco I’d gone by a dozen times on the big screen.

My only real problem with Ant Man is that there wasn’t a single minority in the film that wasn’t engaged in a comedic role or cast as a sterotype. Even Falcon was mixed in with comedic relief. African american cops, asian scientists…really? When I saw that the pool Yellowjacket falls into belonged to a not white family I was stoked! And then I cringed as they all ran away screaming. Bleh.

But, other than crappy casting, I’ll give Ant Man a solid B+


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