Myth Busters, Misteek Style!

Through the looking glass....

Today on MBMS we have two different myths we’re are putting to the test.

Female Armor, the less the better!


Is Misteek actually Poison Ivy?

Stay tuned to find out!

Female Armor

While of course we want every female character to look awesomely badass while kicking ass. Sometimes the options they get don’t always give the best stats.

I’m mean don’t get me wrong I don’t mind staring at the lovely rendered/animated features of female characters, but it does feel a little one sided sometimes. I mean we all can’t be an Erza Scarelet. Looking great and kicking ass in anything we wear.

I soo need to able to requip like she does. But I digress and need to get back to the main point. Is less armor better? So for this test I decided to use myself as the test subject. And my battle field the front yard…

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