Saturday Morning Children of Ur/Sims Freeplay

Every Saturday morning a part of me still remembers getting up early, grabbing a bowl of cereal, and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was the only day they were on! Cartoon Network didn’t make it to my house until later on in my childhood.

Now that I have a regular Monday through Friday hours, I’ve been resurrecting that bubble of entertained wonder, sometimes with cartoons, but today it’s with games.

My friend has introduced me to Children of Ur, one of two answers to the end of Glitch, a popular MMO that met it’s end a little over two years ago. While the lovely Celtic soundtrack of CoU lilts it’s way through my in-need-of-coffee brain, I’m working through the castle quest in the Sims.

It’s been a nice morning. Pardon the piles of stuff; Dragon Con costuming in progress!




The Code of the Gamer Gentleman

We all have players we look up to (notice me, senpai!). As a girl gamer, I’ve often had the chance to be a fly on the wall. While this Code applies generally and not just to chivalry towards female players, not following these suggestions is how games lose players and game stores lose customers.


1. Is concerned with the safety and well being of other players in and out of game
2. Listens to what is being said, not what he wants to hear
3. Knows that not everyone was born with a silver controller in their hands
4. Asks another player about their interests genuinely, and not as a test of gamer cred
5. Respects every player’s right to have their fun, so long as it doesn’t affect an in game party or others nearby negatively
6. Never makes assumptions about what another gamer is into, or how another gamer plays
7. Includes new players when possible, and judges fit based on skill
8. Doesn’t explain how to play, unless asked or as a GM
9. Asks for equal player input
10. Calmly steps in when he sees other players break the Code, including those being victimized.

See something, say something. Diffuse the situation and bring it back to why we game: to enjoy our friendships, maybe meet new people, and game.

That’s what Gamer Citizenship is all about.