SacAnime Summer 2015

Better late than never!

SacAnime* happens twice year and is kid friendly, so I have started becoming a regular there now. It’s also one of the smaller cons, so not as crazy as some of them can be. They had some good guest speakers and panels, but I wasn’t able to hit anything this round. But there are always lots of cosplayers with great costumes to check out! Sadly I forgot new batteries for my camera so barely any pictures of this year’s con.CosplayersSACTotoro(Super cute), Leelo Dallas (with multi-pass), Steampunk Ursula, Cruella Deville & Puppy (such a cute idea!), Scarlet Witch

CosplayersSAC2Daring Doo, Tinker Bell, Alien, Digimon!


 Sadly I’m not as up to date on all the newest/popular animes. So I have no idea what this group meet up is. But they have some very cute costumes.

And we** busted out a few different costumes from our closet and some new ones to join in on all the fun.

Chibi Princess Mononoke!WolfPrincess

Winrey & Death Watch MandalorianBSGroup


 I am Wonder Woman, hear me roar!  The mighty Thor!

Bringing on the alchemy with Edward Elric!

(sadly he didn’t want to wear the arm)

All of these costumes we wore were made by myself, friends and family. (All but Wonder Woman onesie)

**My group Black Sheep Inc, a small little cosplaying group (among other things.)


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