Bad Wolf Part 2

As stated in Bad Wolf Part 1 the goal is to make a cosplay of Princess Monoake for a two year old.


Sadly I failed in the picture taking department of this so I’ll try to give as much detail as I can instead. Please also pardon the crude displays.

Dress & Tunic

DressI used blue suede material for the “dress” which was pretty easy to do. I just made a rectangle that was half my daughter’s height when folded in half.  Cut a hole in the center of the fold, then sewed sides together leaving room for arms at the top. Then cut the bottom to be jagged and roughed up.



The tunic was pretty much done the same way. But cut from daddy’s old white tshirt, helped give it the worn look.


Ears & Mask

For the mask I decided to use Fun Foam. I choose this instead of paper mache or clay for the main reason of TWO YEAR OLD.  And what do two year olds do?  GO CRAZY! The bounce, run, jump and fall. I wanted something that wouldn’t break or hurt if fallen upon.

DSC05515So I snag a few sheets of Red, Tan, and Black. I used a paper plate and small paper cups as my outline templates for the sizes of some the shapes. I traced the outline of these with a pencil onto the foam, the others were just sorta free hand.



Mask parts

Cut out them out and it was time for the hot glue!I wanted to make sure this thing wasn’t going to fall apart.


And poof! You have a mask that just needs to be attached to the hood of her cloak. Which brings us to….

The Cloak

IMG_4606.JPGSo for the cloak I just bought a yard of your basic white fur material.  A yard is defiantly more then what I needed, but I planned on mistakes.


I cut a forth of it into a square and then cut off the bottom corners, rounded it out.


Then I took one of those corners, trimmed it a bit and used for it for the hood. The hood isn’t actually a hood for this costume; it’s just a spot to attack the mask to.

After that I just sewed the hood to the cloak. Then sewed the cloak to the tunic. Made it a bit easier to get on and off. Originally the was to attach it to her teeth necklace with a clasp but I didn’t get that far. Maybe for the next round.

Finishing Touch

I didn’t get to do as many detailed pieces as I would have liked. But then again it is for a two year old so probably for the best anyways.

Boots – I full out cheated for those and hit up the Dollar Store grabbing a pair of adult tan sock. Slipped the over her shoes and fold it back down to her ankles.

Headband – Dollar Store again, a pack of adult hair bands. Perfect size for going around her head and not digging in.

War Paint – I actually failed to bring the face paint I had bought. So cheated and use red lip gloss instead. It worked out pretty well, and looked like blood when she smeared it. So win win right?!

And now time for the show….



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