Comic Review: Levi Levi and the Time Machine

LLTimeMachine001CoverI’m happy to say that today I’m doing a review of a fun webcomic called Levi Levi and the Time Machine by LeEtta Schmidt aka leemsmachine.

LeEtta, the writer and artist of this comic, is an incredibly talented creator. Her website which displays her plethora of art which ranges from crafts, drawings, comics and fabric is well put together.

Levi Levi and the Time Machine is also well put together. Levi Levi, (that’s his full name by the way) according to his creator ‘ runs a detective agency/project manager consultant/anything you need fixer. He’s happiest when he’s on a job, and, when he’s not, needs someone to keep him in line.’  He is a dashing young man whose manner and willingness to get wrapped up in a mystery helps to draw you into the story from the beginning. Cute and easy to read, the comic’s art is wonderful, keeping the reader invested in wanting to know how it all ends.


The artwork is heavily stylized, the initial use of green, empty white space and heavy black lines reminding me of something akin to Dick Tracy, although the storyline more imitates Dirk Gently’s mysterious ways. If you liked reading about Douglas Adam’s detective then you’ll enjoy this story just as much.

The handwritten speech bubbles give it a down to earth slightly gritty tone that adds to the overall feeling of the story.

The change of art to show a different time period is fantastic and very well done, showing forethought by the artist and making the entire project feel more complete.

In my opinion this wonderful comic ends much too soon! There is so much potential for more story development including new lines of detective work. Some questions are not answered which leaves me hankering for more. I wanted to see what more trouble Levi Levi would get into and was very interested in seeing how his relationships developed with the other characters, but it seems for the moment what’s there is what you get.

Overall it’s a great little comic and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Some pages are just beautiful and it’s definitely worth a read! On top of that I’ve found that all of LeEtta Schmit’s work is worth looking into!

Check out LeEtta’s Esty shop!



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