Batman vs Superman


I have some prior knowledge of these character and the events that they brought about so I’ll also be referencing that. Comic book geek here!

So along with that…. Ahem…


So this movie rocked! It was everything everyone had hoped for and is leading the way to a great many other heroes and movies to come.


Superman was already introduced for this universe, with his last movie Man of Steel. He’s the biggest boy scout in the world and he played that off super well. They defiantly jumped ahead with him and Lois already living together. But it was nice to see how they showed some rocky realistic issues because of the Clark being Superman. Helping bring him back to earth and not being a “god”.


So they had to get more-details-on-batman-v-superman-and-batmans-suicide-squad-connectionus caught up with Batman. They got you big time with the opening intro of Bruce becoming Batman. The whole dream thing was really weird throughout the movie though… They also made Batman really “dark” for what he is normally. They had him breaking his normal rules, but they sorta tried to cover it by having Alfred say “when good men go bad.” So he’s a Dark Batman in this universe alright let’s keep going. Alfred was great loved him, all the quick wit and sarcasm. It was fantastic that they actually showed how much Alfred actually does for Batman/Bruce. Batman has never completely been solo with Alfred around, so when he takes over controls of the Batwing, so awesome! Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince love the chemistry they were giving them! They have always sorta had a thing going and it was great that it was introduced there.


Lex Luthor Jr.,  he was done well but the part with him being openly schizo…. yeah no… he was always a show man and was always able to hide that side of him. It would slip every now and then again but never with the public eye on him. But since this movie is in a “darker universe” again it slides… Him being so manipulative is completely accurate. I think he was portrayed really well in this movie and it was kinda funny watching him sorta become his dad when they shaved his head.


Alright now I apologize in advance here because this is when it gets ugly….

WTF DID THEY HAVE TO KILL SUPERMAN ALREADY??!! AND DOOMSDAY REALLY??!! Lex Luthor Jr. did not make him! I was willing to let it go with it if he was making Bizarro, but DOOMSDAY COME ON!

Speaking of Doomsday…. again he shouldn’t have been in the movie… They did do him justice though. He looked accurate, he was kryptonian, and he did kill Superman… But again LEX DID NOT MAKE HIM!!

And now the fight… Well guess what BATMAN WINS DUH!!! Anyone that knows Batman knows he has a plan on how to take out ANY/ALL of the Metahumans/Aliens of his world out. That’s just who is he is, being prepared and seeing the potential darkness in everyone. The battle was epic, Batman had everything setup perfectly. I was actually waiting for Wonder Woman to stop them and call them little boys. But where they left it was great, Batman wins and proves he does have a heart. But seriously why are both their mother’s named Martha? I mean if Batman listened to Superman to begin with we would have never had the fight, but again “dark”. But boys will be boys right? Bash each other up a bit and then all is right again being best of buds. XP

And I know that they killed Superman so they had an excuse to bring everyone together to help fight what may come now that the protector of Earth is dead…? ~_^  Alright and now those little teasers of the other metahumans…


I love that Amazon Warrior Princess! Not Xena… this time, who is also a amazing…but Wonder Woman.. freaking amazing! Loved the costume and how they showed that she was right on with Superman. Still kinda wondering about the timeline with her, but that should be answered on June 23, 2017 (mark your calendars) with her movie. *crosses fingers*


For many of us this will be a first to say this… I WANT MORE AQUAMAN!!!15 - 1.jpg So not fair that always all they showed of him…*cries*



Cyborg, was a Teen Titan… not Justice League…

Flash, was an original member so this will be fun.

Great movie again and I loved it! Just want more now!!


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