Protectors of the Small

Lionhead Studios released yet another awesome character in Inga, a shield bearing badass in the protector class for Fable Legends.

In honor of female tank characters everywhere, let’s celebrate two other towering lady knights:

Brienne of Tarth

I love the J.R.R Martin’s Maid of Tarth. As a character, she embodies the dogged, weary reality of breaking gender roles while still having the traditional desires attached to that gender. Where other characters might inhabit a stronger binary, Brienne represents a finer line of being a woman who also just happens to want to be a knight. There’s no great fanfare, no loud story to beat you over the head, just an individual living her life as she sees fit:

I don’t want anyone following me. I’m not a leader. All I ever wanted was to fight for a lord I believed in. But the good lords are dead and the rest are monsters.

We feel you, Brienne of Tarth. Keep being awesome.

Keladry of Mindelan

Kel from Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small series is another example of a taller than average noble woman who puts her call to knighthood beyond social ridicule. Standing just under six feet, this lady knight is a great model for YA readers and older Pierce enthusiasts alike.


Verse: A Hero of Albion

R0ze here with the latest on one of Fable Legend’s badass forthcoming characters, Verse:

A storyteller from the sea, Verse is an assault class hybrid with primarily Skill based attributes. She’ll even sing you a shanty or two that ties into the storyline, and sports a wooden arm and an oversized mandolin(?). ¬†While I’m stuck waiting on the beta, I may be using¬†Dragon Con as an excuse to put some other Albion (load screen) lore to use ; )

Stay tuned, Chicken Chasers, and in the meantime check out Verse:

Shesinur Reviews: Ant Man

I’ll admit it: I had my reservations. Ant Man? Really?

But then back story saved the day; who doesn’t love an offshoot of the Avengers storyline? Any flick about tech they had to keep out of Stark’s labs is totally a side story I can get in to. Looks like I’ve got a lot of comics to catch up on.

My favorite part of this movie was that I actually didn’t have a lot to say in terms of my normal annoyed feminist rant when I come out of a Marvel movie. I couldn’t believe it.

But, because we talk ladies in nerdom, I’ll just leave this here:

marveledit animated GIF

cue the eyeroll

I loved that Marvel used the exact percentage of their female fanbase mix in focus testing. Hope isn’t perfect, but she’s not an ice queen or a damsel. Her character has more than one dimension for being a secondary role, and she voices what all the women in the audience probably wanted to shout: GIVE HER THE SUIT! For a nice review of the character, check out this great article.

Watching something filmed in my native home of the Bay Area was a total blast! It’s crazy expensive, but I wish more things were filmed in Northern California. It was hilarious to see a corner market in San Francisco I’d gone by a dozen times on the big screen.

My only real problem with Ant Man is that there wasn’t a single minority in the film that wasn’t engaged in a comedic role or cast as a sterotype. Even Falcon was mixed in with comedic relief. African american cops, asian scientists…really? When I saw that the pool Yellowjacket falls into belonged to a not white family I was stoked! And then I cringed as they all ran away screaming. Bleh.

But, other than crappy casting, I’ll give Ant Man a solid B+

Saturday Morning Children of Ur/Sims Freeplay

Every Saturday morning a part of me still remembers getting up early, grabbing a bowl of cereal, and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was the only day they were on! Cartoon Network didn’t make it to my house until later on in my childhood.

Now that I have a regular Monday through Friday hours, I’ve been resurrecting that bubble of entertained wonder, sometimes with cartoons, but today it’s with games.

My friend has introduced me to Children of Ur, one of two answers to the end of Glitch, a popular MMO that met it’s end a little over two years ago. While the lovely Celtic soundtrack of CoU lilts it’s way through my in-need-of-coffee brain, I’m working through the castle quest in the Sims.

It’s been a nice morning. Pardon the piles of stuff; Dragon Con costuming in progress!