Bad Wolf

Alright time for a new project! I’m going to make this adorable little girl into a vicious protector of the forest!


Whose doesn’t love the idea of a Chibi Princess Mononoke running around growling at people right? So I’ve spent the last week gathering images and researching materials. This isn’t for a cosplay competition it’s for a two year old. So I’m not going for completely accurate, going for comfort, cuteness and affordable. So these are the materials I have picked up to work with.

  • Fake White Fur – Cloak
  • Blue Material(sorry can’t remember the name) – Dress
  • Tshirt – Tunic
  • Socks – boots
  • Fun Foam – mask/ earrings
  • Clay – necklace
  • Face paint – war paint
  • Baby Elastic – Head/arm bands

I went Joann Fabrics, Michael’s Crafts and Daddy’s old tshirt drawer. It always helps to keep cost down by using all the coupons you can. Joann’s actually will take competitors coupons always a nice tip to know. This is why it tends to take me a bit to acquire all the materials I intend to use. Being a mother of three dragons erpp… I mean kids. My goal is always to do this at a reasonable price.

Next round I’ll start mock assembling everything and making “blueprints” before I actually start doing any real work. Then slowly start putting it all together, until then seeya next time!


Verse: A Hero of Albion

R0ze here with the latest on one of Fable Legend’s badass forthcoming characters, Verse:

A storyteller from the sea, Verse is an assault class hybrid with primarily Skill based attributes. She’ll even sing you a shanty or two that ties into the storyline, and sports a wooden arm and an oversized mandolin(?).  While I’m stuck waiting on the beta, I may be using Dragon Con as an excuse to put some other Albion (load screen) lore to use ; )

Stay tuned, Chicken Chasers, and in the meantime check out Verse:

Comic Review: The Cat of a Madman

catofmadmanFirst of all, hi, I’m LeEtta aka leemsmachine, nice to meet you.  I am honored to be invited onto she’s in ur base and also that my first post will be reviewing The Cat of a Madman, a comic written by Alex Ponting, concept and art by Geneva Rosett-Hafter.

The creators describe the story as “a guide in the form of a cat comes to help a man in a dystopian world where he doesn’t fit.”  This post war dystopia is clearly conveyed to the reader in references and imagery of conformity that seem to be metaphor of the modern salaryman life.

The art is organic and composed primarily of ink washes that describe an unfocused and incorporeal environment.  Foreground objects and word bubbles are layered onto the page, creating depth in the shadow.  Each character is given a very distinct visual voice, allowing the reader to easily follow along with dialogue that spans pages.

The cat’s voice guides the reader through this world.  He is a visitor, a self-described agent on assignment in an alien world.  His promises to help the protagonist, Caulder, embolden the young man to break the bonds of community rule and escape.

The story is continued in The Boss of a Madman.   There is a note that this second installment was written while Alex Ponting was drunk, but the continuation of the story is seamless and without the clumsiness you’d expect from a drunken writing spree.

It’s in this second chapter that I started questioning my narrator most of all.  Caulder is a  young man pushing back against a society of conformity.  Modern literature is filled with such characters, and familiarity makes it easy to take them at face value.  It’s easy, too, to suspend my disbelief when a visitor in the form of a cat becomes Caulder’s guide.  But when a man in a white coat explains to Caulder that everyone has been watching him and waiting for him to come around to the right way of thinking, I am forced into a more careful consideration of the title, The Cat of a Madman.   Is the oppression that Caulder feels, the cat visitor with a voice he can understand and the ability to melt into his clothing, all in Caulder’s head?  And, if so, what are the chances that he can really escape?

I am usually impatient when trying new web comics, and only give a few pages of attention to find out if the comic hooks me.  The Cat of a Madman, needs more, as it establishes its story and environment slowly over many pages.  I am glad that I was committed to following its pace, and suggest that you do the same for a thought provoking visit through an agitated mind.


Myth Busters, Misteek Style!

Through the looking glass....

Today on MBMS we have two different myths we’re are putting to the test.

Female Armor, the less the better!


Is Misteek actually Poison Ivy?

Stay tuned to find out!

Female Armor

While of course we want every female character to look awesomely badass while kicking ass. Sometimes the options they get don’t always give the best stats.

I’m mean don’t get me wrong I don’t mind staring at the lovely rendered/animated features of female characters, but it does feel a little one sided sometimes. I mean we all can’t be an Erza Scarelet. Looking great and kicking ass in anything we wear.

I soo need to able to requip like she does. But I digress and need to get back to the main point. Is less armor better? So for this test I decided to use myself as the test subject. And my battle field the front yard…

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Shesinur Reviews: Ant Man

I’ll admit it: I had my reservations. Ant Man? Really?

But then back story saved the day; who doesn’t love an offshoot of the Avengers storyline? Any flick about tech they had to keep out of Stark’s labs is totally a side story I can get in to. Looks like I’ve got a lot of comics to catch up on.

My favorite part of this movie was that I actually didn’t have a lot to say in terms of my normal annoyed feminist rant when I come out of a Marvel movie. I couldn’t believe it.

But, because we talk ladies in nerdom, I’ll just leave this here:

marveledit animated GIF

cue the eyeroll

I loved that Marvel used the exact percentage of their female fanbase mix in focus testing. Hope isn’t perfect, but she’s not an ice queen or a damsel. Her character has more than one dimension for being a secondary role, and she voices what all the women in the audience probably wanted to shout: GIVE HER THE SUIT! For a nice review of the character, check out this great article.

Watching something filmed in my native home of the Bay Area was a total blast! It’s crazy expensive, but I wish more things were filmed in Northern California. It was hilarious to see a corner market in San Francisco I’d gone by a dozen times on the big screen.

My only real problem with Ant Man is that there wasn’t a single minority in the film that wasn’t engaged in a comedic role or cast as a sterotype. Even Falcon was mixed in with comedic relief. African american cops, asian scientists…really? When I saw that the pool Yellowjacket falls into belonged to a not white family I was stoked! And then I cringed as they all ran away screaming. Bleh.

But, other than crappy casting, I’ll give Ant Man a solid B+

From the mouth of babes…

I am a mother of three, two boys of four and three, one little girl of two. And being the geek/dork/nerdy girl that I am, I of course do allow them to play video games. (Limited amount of time, they do see the daylight of outdoors)

Starting them out with one of the best, Mario! They love to play Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U currently. While watching them play today I was rather puzzled as to why they started a level and immediately both of the boys started jumping their characters off the cliff.

Me – “Why are you guys jumping off the cliff?”

Older Boy – “There’s no leaf.”

Younger Boy – “Yeah, we need to get the leaf.”

This leaf that they are waiting for not only changes your character into a Tanooki suit.

But it also changes them into a White Tanooki suit, which makes them invincible! (Aside from falling off a cliff.)

This item will appear at the beginning of a level that you have had “game over” on multiples times. I am happy that Nintedno did build that into the game, understanding that a younger generation would be playing it. (More reasons why Nintendo is awesome!) I will also give my boys credit; they know what levels they have a hard time doing and only do it then but still….